Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz Exhibit


As a huge Star Trek Fan, I am happy to see Trek’s renaissance in today’s pop culture. Opening today at the Paley Center and running until January 5, 2014

Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz Exhibit

“Artist Juan Ortiz’s groundbreaking effort to personify each of the series’ seventy-nine episodes, and the original pilot, through a collection of original art posters embodies his passion for the series, the transformational Sixties, and the often visceral reaction generated by each episode”

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Blogger about town, Cherry Davis, attended the Exhibit Preview on Monday and here is her first look:

Interview with Nichelle Nichols about Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry & Uhura:

Juan Ortiz and Nichelle Nichols talk about the new Star Trek Poster Exhibit:


Performance Art – The Intergalactic Nemesis

If you are in the LA area next weekend.

The Intergalactic Nemesis live-action graphic novel is a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience that mashes up radio drama with comic books, making it a perfect performance experience for kids and kids-at-heart.

Three actors voice dozens of characters; one Foley artist creates hundreds of sound effects; one keyboardist performs a score of thousands (yes, thousands!) of notes; while on a two-story-high screen we project more than 1,250 individual, full-color, hand-drawn, hi-res, blow-your-mind comic book images to tell the story visually.

And it’s all LIVE.

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Thanks to Cherry_LA for the heads up

Marvels & Monsters

marvels-monsters-signature-500pxThe Japanese American National Museum has an awesome exhibit through February 9, 2014:

Marvels & Monsters: Unmasking Asian Images in U.S. Comics, 1942-1986

October 12, 2013 – February 9, 2014

Through a selection of images from comic books representing four turbulent decades, Marvels & Monsters illustrates how evolving racial and cultural archetypes defined America’s perceptions of Asians. This exhibition draws from noted science fiction author and cultural studies scholar William F. Wu’s comic book collection—the largest archive of comic books featuring Asians and Asian Americans—that was donated to the NYU Fales Library & Special Collections through the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU.

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Chuck Jones Tribute

Chuck Jones Tribute

Chuck Jones 101: A Birthday Celebration

Sat, Sep 21, 2013 • 8:00pm • Egyptian Theatre

As a fundraiser for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, we celebrate the Oscar winner’s 101st birthday with an evening of his most memorable Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes, and discussions with his family members, creator/conductor of “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony” George Daugherty, producer David Wong, and Leonard Maltin.

For more infomration: American Cinematheque

FYI Comic Book Nerds

The fifth annual Long Beach Commic & Horror Con has been scheduled for November 23 & 24, 2013 at the Long Beach Convention Center. This year’s special is Brian Pulido, president of Chaos! Comics. Also schedule to appear:

Eric Basaldua – Darkness, Witchbalde/Wolverine
Rvan Beniamin – Wildcats, X-Men, Star Wars
Amanda Conner – Harley Quinn, Before Watchmen
Sara Richard – Power Puff Girls

For more information check out

It’s never to early to plan

Hallown is just around the corner.

8th Annual Dusk-To-Dawn Horrothon

Sat, October 26 • 7:30pm

The madness returns! Spend all night at the Aero Theatre’s eighth annual Horrorthon! Join us for six of the most shocking and schlocky movies from the Golden Age of Gore, many of them unseen on L.A. screens in decades! Complete with between-film free food, snacks, coffee, giveaways, crazy shorts and surprises!

For more information: American Cinematheque

Movie Revivals – Sir Pat Stew

If you’re in the LA area check out the following sci fi flick later this month:


Fri, August 30 • 7:30pm

Sex-starved space vampire Mathilda May terrorizes the world while looking for something to wear in director Tobe Hooper’s gleeful, over-the-top sci-fi flick – one of the great pulp movies of the 1980s. With Steve Railsback, Peter Firth, and Patrick Stewart!

For more information: American Cinematheque

Revival Cinema

This July, American Cinematheque is showcasing classic science fiction. If you are in the area, check them out:

SOLARIS Fri, July 19 • 7:30pm

Scientists try to understand the secrets of the mysterious planet Solaris, but find themselves slowly becoming victims of their own imaginations and secret desires in Andrei Tarkovsky’s thought-provoking original 1972 film.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Fri, July 26 • 7:30pm


Roger Ebert said of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece: m>”It says to us: We became men when we learned to think. Our minds have given us the tools to understand where we live and who we are. Now it is time to move on to the next step, to know that we live not on a planet but among the stars, and that we are not flesh but intelligence.” – Roger Ebert

20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA Sun, July 28 • 5:30pm

Jules Verne’s cinematic steampunk adventure story and the most expensive Hollywood tentpole film of its day is the perfect popcorn movie for the entire family! Join us as we celebrate the remarkable legacy of production designer, artist, Disneyland theme-park visionary, musician, raconteur and 2013 ADG Hall of Fame Inductee Harper Goff.

For more information visit: American Cinematheque

Road trip!

In March, American Cinematheque is showcasing great road trip movies: Easy Rider, Sugarland Express, Road to Morrocco and Duel. Two of my favorites are being shown March 30.


    Sat, March 30 • 7:30pm

Classic 1934 screwball IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, starring Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable, is paired with 1967’s TWO FOR THE ROAD, starring Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney as a husband and wife who can’t stand each other, yet can’t stand to be apart.

For more information seee the American Cinematheque website.