Hubble 3D – An Appreciation

Hubble 3D is a both an amazing and humbling experience.  For the past twenty years, the Hubble telescope has beamed spectacular images from distant stars that are light-years from Earth. Images of black holes, infant galaxies and mind-bending nebulae are brought to life in the new 3D film about the history of the Hubble telescope.

The telescope’s inauspicious start began in April 1990.  Its first few years were marred by poor quality because of errors in its construction.  The first repair mission, which took place in 1993, resulted in breath-taking images of our galaxy.  Awe-inspiring images, such as the Eagle Nebula, would have not been possible without Hubble.  The cameras that accompanied the last three NASA missions document the efforts of our well-trained and dedicated astronauts as they successfully repaired the telescope.  The images beamed back of our galaxy, as well as billions of other galaxies, reveals mysteries of the universe that would have remained unknown had it not been for Hubble.

When you witness the images of the billions of galaxies that exist in our universe, it will humble you to be a part of the species that had the ingenuity to create such a complex and important machine..

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