Through the Wormhole

The new series “Through the Wormhole” seeks to unlock the secrets of the universe.  The premiere episode “Is There a Creator?” follows different theories examining the creation of the universe. Various scientific disciplines are challenging our perceptions of the universe.  We get a peek at Garrett Lisi’s “The Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything”, which is a unique attempt to unify the universe through mathematics.  Next up, Michael Persinger, a leading neurologist, puts forth in our minds.  As humans evolved our brains have developed a system to help us filter our understanding of our place in the world. The most controversial theory is that God is real that we are living in a simulated world.  The hypothesis is that the details found in computer code can be found in reality and maybe a higher being has created our world and the people who live in it.

Although advance theories are discussed the premises are broken down so that a lay person can follow.  If the premiere episode is any indication, this series promises to open our minds to fresh and challenging ideas.

Wednesdays on the Science Channel

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