Another Earth

Another Earth is more of an existential drama than a science fiction flick. On the same night that a planet resembling Earth appears in the sky, a teenage girl commits one of the worst crimes imaginable. After contact with the second planet is made, the world soon discovers that every human on Earth has a duplicate on “Earth 2.” It’s not long before a contest is launched by a spaceflight agency. The small group of people who win will become civilian passengers on the first shuttle to Earth 2. The interplanetary theme is a fascinating backdrop to the real matter at hand: the teenager wants to contact one of her victims. Actress Brit Marling (who plays Rhoda Williams) brings balance to a controversial character who could easily polarize an audience. The real fun is asking yourself one question: If there was a lottery to meet another version of yourself, would you have the courage to play?

Guest blogger from Seattle

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