Star Trek of Gods and Men on the Big Screen

The penultimate night of the Burbank film festival was a night of Sci Fi and Horror with a special tribute to Roger Corman.

The highlight of the night was what has been billed as the final screening of Star Trek of Gods and Men. The first independent Star Trek movie began as a labor of love for its cast and crew.  Written by Ethan Calk, Sky Conway and Jack Trevino and directed by Tim Russ, Star Trek of Gods Men is set 12 years after Star Trek Generations.  Set in the year 2305, Captain Uhura attends the dedication of a new USS Enterprise, a replica of the original 1701. It is designed as a museum ship and a tribute to all who served on the original Enterprise. At the dedication, Uhura meets up with Pavel Chekov and John Harriman, captain of the Enterprise-B. During the ceremony the crew receives a distress call from a nearby planet housing the Guardian of Forever. Charlie X (from ST:TOS Charlie X) seeks revenge on Capitan James T. Kirk for not having saved him 40 years earlier from the Thasians.  Upon learning of Kirk’s death, Charlie decides to travel through the Gurdian (from ST:TOS City of the Edge of Forever) to enact his revenge.  This act has lasting implications on the universe.

As an independent film, Star Trek: OG&M, accomplished a great deal on a small budget.  The movie benefited from a great set – a replica of the enterprise and locations like Vasquez Rocks which was used a lot in the original series Although the screenplay was uneven, the plot was wholly original.  The cast committed to the part and everyone was delighted by appearances by actors from all five series: Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, JG Hertzler, Chase Masterson, Grace Lee Whitney, Gray Graham, Cirroc Lofton, Ethan Phillips and from Battlestar Galactica Herb Jefferson.  I was especially impressed by the score and special effects. The movie features a top notch battle at the end.

A Q&A with the actors, writer and director was scheduled, but had to be cancelled because of the night running long.  Everyone was introduced before the film and everybody spoke briefly about their experiences making STOG&M. The

 The night ended with an after party at TDJ Studios in North Hollywood. Revelers were treated to walking down the red carpet and were able to mingle with some of the stars of the movie.  Music was provided by a local DJ and the Tim Russ band.

The movie can still be viewed online at:

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