Quick Movie Review

One of the best movies this year. Set in the near future, Hugh Jackman plays the unlikeable Charlie Kenton, who fights robots in the underground fighting scene. Destroying robots as fast as he can purchase them, Canton is soon saddled with new responsibilities: taking care of his son for the summer The movie really gels when we meet, Canton’s son Max Kenton played by Dakota Goyo. In stereotypical fashion, the two do not get along at first due to a long estrangement. Soon they are knee deep in the world of underground fighting. We meet the heart of the movie when the hero, Atom an expressive robot, is found in a scrap yard. The movie boosts great robot bouts and you soon wishing for a real WRB association.

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  1. Real Steel is a blast, an unabashed crowd-pleaser that mixes Rocky, Transformers, video games and father-son bonding to great, if corny, effect. Still didn’t need to be 127 minutes though. Nice review. Check out my site whenever you get a chance.

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