Get Your Nerd On

Jonesing for nerdy conversation, then check out  We Nerd Hard and Starbase 66

I wasn’t prepared for the massive amounts of Nerdness of We Nerd Hard.   As a new listener I wasn’t ready to be assault with detailed knowledge of the hottest video games. According to their bio, they are breaking down the latest in tech rumor mill, video games, random old school sci-fi and Saturday morning cartoons.  Be forewarned that Elon James White is currently going through a weird obsession with Jackie Chan Adventures.  What started out as musings on an old Saturday morning favorite has taken an ugly turn. Tatiana King is bringing the nerd girl point of view, so every angle is covered. Fahnon Bennett and Aaron Rand Freeman round out this tight crew. 

Starbase 66 is keeping the nerdy flame alive with discussions on everything Trek, sci-fi, horror, fantasy and comics. Podcast reminds me of the conversations that I with my geeky friends.  Admiral, Ro Karen, and Kennedy are the regulars of this top notch podcast.

Do you have a favorite nerd cast?

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