Quick Movie Review – Lockout

Just months before the U.S. is about to dedicate an international prison in outer space for business, the President’s daughter (played by Maggie Grace) takes a tour on a humanitarian mission. A small lapse in the new prison’s security system results in the release of America’s most dangerous criminals – previously contained through chemically induced sleep.

Snow, some sort of secret operative, has been wrongly convicted is given the opportunity to win his freedom by rescuing the President’s daughter against a sea of 500 psychopaths.

This is a classic B movie, great special effects and terrible writing. Guy Pearce excels as Snow, with corny one liners and a hard ass persona. As typically seen in B movies, some of the strongest performances were found in the supporting cast. Lenny James is a standout as national security bureaucrat (Shaw). Vincent Regan  (Alex) lends credence to the argument, which I just made up, that all bad guys should be Scottish and Peter Stormare (Langral) always shines a person who motivations one is never sure of.

It may not be the best movie of the year but it is definitely a fun one.

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