Quick Movie Review – Prometheus

Ridley Scott returns to the science fiction genre in fine form with Prometheus. After a dazzling opening sequence in which we see a mysterious humanoid ingest an acidic liquid and crumble into a river, we meet a team of scientist on archaeological dig.  They are searching for the answer to our origins.  Set a few years before Alien, Prometheus seeks to answer questions, that plagued humans for centuries regarding our origins, faith and science.  In 2089, 17 scientists, explorers and engineers unite to undertake a 2-year odyssey in search of our creators, who are referred to as the “engineers.” After reaching their destination, the team encounters obstacles that they never imagined.  With different motivations for being onboard, who can be counted on when the extraterrestrial hits the fan is part of the suspense.  Following in the steps of its fore bearers, Prometheus includes one of the best horror scenes that I seen in a long time.

The ensemble cast of Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Idia Elba hits most of the rights notes. Noomi as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw continues the tradition of kick ass resilient women that we have encountered in the various Alien incarnations. With this role, Michael Fassbender creates the standard for playing an artificial life form. This talented crew almost overcomes the weak writing in the third act.  While the film doesn’t quite answer all of its larger questions, it is gorgeous to look at. Ridley Scott and Dariusz Wolski create a breathtaking visual feast. The stunning planet and the quiet beauty of the spacecraft and the voyage to the unnamed planet, Prometheus is a showcase for a crew at the top of their game.  The special effects highlighted by a pitch perfect use of 3D raises the bar for science fiction films.  

I can’t wait for the story to continue.

For what the movie its right and wrong about science see: Blastr

For a peck at Michael Fassbender as David:


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