Quick Movie Review – Arbitrage

Normally, summer means attending tons of movies, action, dramas, raunchy comedies.  This summer, I haven’t been able to  go as often as I like.  For me, one of the pleasures of going to the movies is reading reviews afterwards. My friend is a big movie goer and writes reviews for each one. I’ll be searching a select few until I start going to movies on a regular basis again.


Arbitrage is a sobering look at greed and the price of integrity. Richard Gere (Brooklyn’s Finest, Unfaithful) plays a silver-haired CEO on the brink of selling his company. Susan Sarandon plays his age-appropriate wife running their charitable foundation and holding down the family. A series of events quickly reveal that Robert Miller’s confidence and success are a mask. As Michael Bryer, Tim Roth plays the detective more than happy to tear it off. With a top-notch cast the tension in Arbitrage was believable and the audience hesitated to leave. Even though I didn’t find any real protagonists in this film, I was left wondering what comes next for them all.

7 out of 9

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