Top 10 Women of Sci Fi – part 6

With the presidential elections weeks away, it’s time to write about my favorite President: Laura Roslin.

When we first met Laura Roslin in the rebooted Battlestar Galactica, she is the Secretary of Education on board for the decommissioning of the Galactica. After the Cylon attack, she is left as the senior member of the administration and takes command as president. Over the course of four seasons we really see a growth in Roslin and her style of leadership. In the beginning, she believes by following the rule of law and maintaining order humanity will be able to survive. Overtime, she keeps her ideals but becomes more ruthless from air locking enemies o kidnapping babies. All for the greater good.

Roslin embodies the characteristics that I admire in leaders: strength, confidence, compassion and resilience. Qualities that you will see again and again in the women that I have highlighted in my top 10 list.

Women Talk Sci Fi has a thought provoking conversation on BattleStar Galactica. One comment that stood out for me is that why did the colonies need a president since there were so few of them left. The conversation was short but it is a fascinating concept nonetheless. Check it out here: Podcast 10

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