Quick Movie Review – Dredd

Some movies purely exist to showcase 3D technology and Dredd was clearly one of them. Set in the future, a population explosion and the unrest that comes with it pushes the justice system to its limits. Since law enforcement can only respond to 6% of all reported incidences, the result is a Justice League which ordains its officers to represent a jury and a judge at the scene of each crime. In cases in which guilt is determined, the officers can sentence and execute as well on the spot. In Peach Trees, a housing complex that accommodates 75,000 people, a drug lord named MaMa is running the show from the 200th floor. When Judge Dredd and his rookie enter the complex and threaten MaMa’s tiny empire, she seals the doors of the complex and orders her foot soldiers to kill the judges. Instead of putting effort into the storyline and characters, Dredd focused on the explosions, violence and objects moving through the air. All of those effects were wasted since I saw the movie without 3D and expect a little meat with my potatoes.

4 out 9

Guest blogger from Seattle

Note: I really wanted to see Dredd in the theaters and was surprised to discover that it was pulled so soon.  With all of the hype, I thought it would do really well – Scifimaven

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