I Lurve Podcasts

As a nerd sitting in a cubicle all day, I like to listen to podcasts to pass the time. I have two new favorites:

Girl on Guy

I know that Aisha Tyler is the Queen of the Nerds but I just started listening to her podcast Girl on Guy. Fabulous. The eclectic selection of guest is off the charts: Rupaul, Baratunde Thurston and Wayne Brady. You find deep discussions on a wide range of topics: childhoods, breaking into the business and hustling. Hands down the best feature of the podcasts is “Self Inflicted Wounds.” The honesty and vulnerability found in this segment is deep and moving. I have found insight in each story.

Black Girl Nerds

As a follower of Black Girl Nerds on Twitter, I’m thrilled that they branched out into podcast land. It’s brand spanking new but shows a lot of promise. The first episode contains a thought provoking discussion on Blerds – BTW a term I hate – featuring points of view on both sides of the black nerd debate. I look forward to future discussions. The panelists showed balls by having callers on their first show. I tip my hat to them.

Check them out if you can.


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  1. These are two great podcasts! I’ve been listening to Girl on Guy for about a year. The interviews are so insightful and inspiring for a creative person. I love when the guests talk about their struggles past and present. You have good taste SFMaven!

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