Quick Movie Review – Oblivion

I haven’t been this disappointed by a Tom Cruise movie since War of the Worlds (2005). In 2017 an alien race turns the moon into chalk dust irreversibly disrupting the balance of nature. With half of planet Earth rendered uninhabitable, the only scattered life forms remaining are the Scavs who waged the war for planet Earth after they destroyed the moon. In an effort to gather vital resources which sustain the lives of survivors who have relocated in space, Jack Harper and Victoria are left behind to repair the drones which guard the water rigs. With just 2 weeks to go before they are reunited with the rest of the human population in outer space, Jack makes a discovery that changes the future forever.

This sci-fi story sounds great on paper but its poorly executed. Once you figure out what’s going on early in the film, it’s anti-climatic and you can pretty much guess how it ends. Science fiction should always be about out-of-the-box creativity, creating a future with unlimited possibilities and stimulating the audience’s imagination. Oblivion played it too safe.

5 out of 9

Guest Blogger from Seattle

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