Quick Movie Review – Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Riding the ebbing tide of movies based on Young Adult books, Mortal Instruments has finally hit the theaters. My approach to these movies is to leave my brain at the door and (hopefully) enjoy the ride. Unlike my previous experiences with Hunger Games and Beautiful Creatures, I haven’t read these series of books yet, so I had no expectations going in.

To my surprise I quite enjoyed the film. Clary Fray (Lily Collins) is your typical teen lead with luxurious hair and a slightly rebellious spirit. As her eighteenth birthday approaches she begins to draw a particular symbol over and over and has no idea why. She and her BFF, Simon, decide to hit a poetry reading and a later on a club to celebrate. Once she arrives at the club, that’s where all the fun begins. She starts to see people and incidents that no one else around her notices. A sexy pair Jace and Isabelle attack and kill one of the club goers. And of course, Clary is shocked that no one arounds reacts. Jace intrigued by the fact that Clary noticed him sets off to find out why. I won’t give away to much of the plot but it contains the usual Supernatural suspects, big spooky headquarters, Vampires, Witches, Warlocks, Werewolves, oh my. Nothing new is done with these characters but there are a few entertaining elements here and there.

There are a few plot holes that one needs to overlook and there’s obviously scenes up set to be revealed in the planned sequel, but the movie has a fast pace and a likable cast so it is an enjoyable diversion. Unfortunately, Lena Headey and Jared Harris are completely wasted in their roles with the material given them. But Jonathan Rhys Meyers chews the scenery like no one else can and there is plenty of eye candy with Godfrey Gao in a small role as Bane.

My cohort and fellow blogger Cherry Davis and I have decided to implement a new feature — dueling reviews. So check her thoughts at cherrydavis.org.

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