Air and Space Museum


On a recent trip to the Washington DC area, I stopped by the Air and Flight Museum in the way to the airport. What a great last minute decision. Air and Space turned into one of the highlights trip.

The museum begins with man’s first flirtation with flight – hot air balloons up to the United States’ achievement with the Space Shuttle and everything in between.

A must do is the flight simulators. You can climb into the cockpit and pretend you are an ace pilot. Unfortunately for my friend, I’m not. After spending most of our “training” as the gunner and my friend as the pilot, she decided he didn’t want the job. It was left to me. Once we strapped ourselves in, we spend several minutes doing the 360s in my effort to fly left. After I finally righted us, the ride was over. Don’t let my failures fool you it was still a hell of a ride.

Once the federal government reopens check it out if your in the DC Metro area. Like all of the Smithsonian museum admission is free.

Air and Space






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