Quick Movie Review – Closed Circuit

You don’t have to know much about British intelligence or like British people to enjoy this film. All that you need to know is that uptight Brits racially profile their subjects like crazy, have cameras everywhere, have serious PTSD from terrorist attacks and wear weird white wigs in the courtroom. Closed Circuit begins with a marketplace bombing that kills 120 civilians. As barristers (ahem.. attorneys), Eric Bana (Deadfall, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Nero from Star Trek) and Rebecca Hall (The Awakening, The Town) fight to prosecute and defend the suspect, respectively. The strange thing about Farroukh Erdogan is that he ain’t talking – not even to save his own skin. As the “why” behind his silence slowly unfolds, the body count starts climbing and the games begin. The expression of emotion is so repressed in these characters that you only realize that they’re afraid when they start running. Irish great Ciaran Hinds (The Woman in Black, The Debt) and Jim Broadbent (The Debt, Another Year) brought a dab of intrigue to this thriller.

Available on DVD January 7, 2014

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