Quick Movie Reivew – Neighbors


I haven’t seen a movie this funny since Bridesmaids (2011). All of the characters are flawed, the plot is simple and the ensemble cast has great comedic timing and chemistry. In Neighbors, it’s a yuppie 30’s couple (Rose Byrne & Seth Rogen) versus a fraternity on a mission to make history. With a new baby in the house the Radners just want the baby to sleep while the frat brothers just want to stay up all night. The battle of the wills does such a great job of bringing out the worst in everybody that the only person I actually liked in the end was the baby Stella. This movie is not appropriate for young adults. The audience has to be strong enough to stomach multiple scenes with penises, Rogen’s hairy back, sex scenes and far too many shots of Rogen’s naked, oversized gut.

8 out of 9

Guest Blogger from Seattle


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