A Geek Aboard…

I’ve been to the second circle of hell and it’s the roundabouts in the Normandy region. Driving from Paris to Bayeux, was my first experience driving in another country. On the highway, it was an nice relaxing drive with minimum traffic and a lot of toll stops – a lot of toll stops. We has to pay over 20€ for our hour plus drive. We arrived at our destination – Claude Monet’s house and Garden in without a care in the world.

All the trouble started when we set off for Bayeux. I punched in the address for hotel in Bayeux into the GPS and off we went. Driving in the country village was serene at first. I sped the through the small picturesque town like I was an extra in “Two for the Road.” And then I hit the first of several roundabouts. The first one was a three exit one and I handled it with no worries. But then, I came upon a five exit roundabout. By dad count off the exits while I listened to the GPS and tried to figure out where I was going. The first attempted I thought I took the fifth exit as instructed but then the GPS guide said one my now most feared words ever: recalculating. I had took a wrong turn and was being lead back to the roundabout. Okay. No problem we will try this again. We had returned to the same roundabout but the system referred to it as a six exit roundabout instead of a five. Interesting… My dad started counting off the exits and I got off and what I thought was the appropriate exit and in the background was that word again: recalculating. We were again lead back to the same roundabout. Clearly, I was having trouble but the system couldn’t or wouldn’t lead me to an alternate route. 15 minutes later, we were still at the same roundabout and I was starting to feel like Sisyphus and the reminder of my vacation would consist of me driving around the same roundabout. And then low and behold, we were out of the roundabout. To this day, I’m not sure how we managed to get out.


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