Quick Movie Review – Words Pictures


Words and Pictures is a charming rom-com starting Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche. Clive Owen is a rakish charming English teacher at a prep school in what looks like New England. Jack Marcus is a high functioning alcoholic whose job is on the line. Jack was a upcoming writer who has cease publishing new works and is going through the motions with his honors English classes. Juliette Binoche, playing against type, is an ice cold artist who joins the staff as a honors art teacher. Dina Delsanto lights a spark in Jack and what ensues is an inspiring “battle” between the Arts and English classes. This battle invigorates everyone involved. Valerie Tian (Emily), Bruce Davison (Walt) and Navid Negahban (Rashid) co-stars. In this delightful Spring flick. This is one of the strongest roles Clive Owen delivers in a while and he is worth the price of admission.

Release date: May 23, 2014

Quick Movie Reivew – Neighbors


I haven’t seen a movie this funny since Bridesmaids (2011). All of the characters are flawed, the plot is simple and the ensemble cast has great comedic timing and chemistry. In Neighbors, it’s a yuppie 30’s couple (Rose Byrne & Seth Rogen) versus a fraternity on a mission to make history. With a new baby in the house the Radners just want the baby to sleep while the frat brothers just want to stay up all night. The battle of the wills does such a great job of bringing out the worst in everybody that the only person I actually liked in the end was the baby Stella. This movie is not appropriate for young adults. The audience has to be strong enough to stomach multiple scenes with penises, Rogen’s hairy back, sex scenes and far too many shots of Rogen’s naked, oversized gut.

8 out of 9

Guest Blogger from Seattle

Quick Movie Review – The Amazing Spiderman 2

I’ve never been a big fan of Spiderman and I don’t plan to see the new movie. My friend and fellow blogger, Chery Davis, went to a sneak peek on Wednesday. Here’s her review. Also check out her other videoes on her You Tube Channel.

“I enjoyed the Amazing Spiderman 2 I’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s a grittier comic book action film that is delving into the emotions of Peter Parker aka Amazing Spiderman to show the ‘Why’ or should I say id of the man, the myth the legent.

This is a good stand alone film where if your not a comic book fan or skipped the reboot this explains his family tragedy in a way vastly different from othr films. This is a much darker film with enemies surrounding Peter with his one lone light to keep him comfort in the darkness that is New York City on the eve of realizing wo really is behding all of the super villians that Spiderman will face for the rest of his life. You can see what’s coming next from the fast sweep of a room (make sure you look closely) for hints on future villians as well as understanding why and how he came to be.

I’m recommending seeing this film and splurging on 3D which adds texture and makes you feel part of the movie. You might get a little motion sickness .. just kidding (sort of) but you will definitely feel how alone Peter aka Spidey feels in this sprawling metropolis with no idea of who is foe or friend.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 – B

P.S. you don’t have to stay till the end of the credits no ‘surprise’ in sight!”

Movie Review – Only Lovers Left Alive


The latest film from Jim Jarmusch, although not for everybody, is one of his best yet. Starring Tilda Swinton (Eve) and Tom Hiddleston (Adam) as lovers who have been together for centuries. Currently, Adam is a reclusive musician living in Detroit, while Eve is based in Tangiers. Sensing that Adam is depressed and possibly suicidal, Eve travels to Detroit ,via several night flights, to cheer him up. Their idyll reunion is upset by the unsuspected arrival of Eve’s younger sister Ava (Mia Wasikowka). This slow paced poetic movie is a thoughtful look at life as seen by a group of vampires who have seen and done it all but are still able to appreciate the beauty in life. Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are perfectly cast as ethereal couple who are devoted to each other make vampires cool again.

As aside, this film features one of the best soundtracks that I’ve heard in a long time. In addition to the great atmospheric music by Jozef Van Wissem and SQÜRL, the movie includes a diverse group of songs from Black Rebel Motorcyle Club to Wanda Jackson.

Playing in limited release.

Movie Review – Transcendence


This little sci-fi treat features a serious Johnny Depp as an out-of-the-box scientist trying to upload computers with consciousness. Rebecca Hall (The Town, Frost/Nixon, Closed Circuit), Morgan Freeman and Paul Bettany (The Da Vinci Code & Iron Man series) play his like-minded colleagues until an anti-technology terrorist organization throws a wrench in their plans. In a last ditch effort to test Dr. Caster’s life’s work, his team uploads his brain activity into a computer and waits for the fallout. Transcendence has an interesting plot filled with drama, intrigue and deep thoughts. Whichever character you’re rooting for will greatly depend on how you feel about what’s best for the future of mankind and the role technology should play.

7 out of 9

Guest blogger from Seattle

Movie Trailer Review – Guardians of the Galaxy

I am really excited to see Captain America: Winter Solider this weekend. It’s been a minute since I’ve been excited for a release. What other fabulous movies are being released this year.

The Marvel Universe has slowly been growing on mainly because of Loki. That being said, I am unsure of Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m not a comic book reader, so I’ve never heard of this group until news of the movie hit. There’s a great cast: Lee Pace, Zoe Saldana, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio del Toro, John C. Reilly, but the trailer looks like of crazy.

Well this mixture of Sci Fi, Comedy and Big Budget work?


Guardians of the Galaxy expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the cosmos, where brash adventurer Peter Quill finds himself the object of an unrelenting bounty hunt after stealing a mysterious orb coveted by Ronan, a powerful villain with ambitions that threaten the entire universe.

To evade the ever-persistent Ronan, Quill is forced into an uneasy truce with a quartet of disparate misfits Rocket, a gun-toting raccoon, Groot, a tree-like humanoid, the deadly and enigmatic Gamora and the revenge-driven Drax the Destroyer.

But when Peter discovers the true power of the orb and the menace it poses to the cosmos, he must do his best to rally his ragtag rivals for a last, desperate stand with the galaxy’s fate in the balance. (via IMDB)

Release date August 1, 2014

(An August movie, not a good sign)

Quick Movie Trailer Review – Edge of Tomorrow


A soldier fighting in a war with aliens finds himself caught in a time loop of his last day in the battle, though he becomes better skilled along the way. [via IMDB]

The ’10s have been a banter decade for Sci Fi/Fantasy films. The genre has really come into its own and is firmly apart of the mainstream now. Here is my dilemma. Inexpiably, Tom Cruise stars in a number of these movies. I am constantly faced with the decision to skip a worthwhile movie because it stars someone that I can’t stand. Tom Cruise has one emotion and he seems to play the same charcater in everyone move. In this instance, a strong story, great actors (Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton), and a lot of action is edging me towards seeing it.

Release date: June 6, 2014

Quick Movie Trailer Review – Jupiter Ascending

I am really looking forward to the Wachowski Siblings’ latest offering Jupiter Ascending. Whatever you think of the Wachowskis body of work, you know that they will offer something original. Originality is what I crave these days.


In the future, a young destitute human woman gets targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe, and begins her destiny to finish the Queen’s reign. (via IMDB)

Release date: July 18, 2014

Quick Movie Review – Non-Stop

Liam Neeson is the ultimate tough guy.

This action flick is going to get your adrenaline pumping. Liam Neeson plays Bill, an alcoholic air marshal working a 6-hour flight to London. Moments after the flight takes off, he gets a series of texts from a stranger threatening to kill a passenger every 20 minutes until an exorbitant ransom is wired. Part of the tension comes from trying to determine who the threat is and another part comes from whether or not the audience believes that Bill is in on it. Post 9/11 the passengers, pilots and flight staff are all on edge throwing more wild cards into an already intense situation. The plot isn’t the strongest, but the action is extremely entertaining. Some of the scenes from Non-Stop made our audience members wiggle, gasp and sit on the edges of their seats.

Quick Movie Review – August: Osage County

August Osage County movie

I knew that I was going to love this film! It’s extremely funny, extremely depressing and equally powerful. But compared to what else is being released right now, at least it’s about something. The queen of acting Meryl Streep outdoes herself as one of the craziest, pill-popping matriarchs in movie history. After a family member spontaneously goes missing all of the children are called home to farmsville Oklahoma. Some of the children haven’t been home in a while and the movie doesn’t take long to reveal why. The secrets that are literally eating them up alive are about to come flying across the dining room table. So brace yourself, every kitchen or table scene is something to behold!

This is an enormous ensemble cast (Sam Shepard, Juliette Lewis, Benedict Cumberbatch, Abigail Breslin, Julia Roberts) and every single performance is outstanding. Each character’s introduction and backstory were managed methodically by slowly having the relatives come home one at a time. If the audience can swim through all of the mudslinging, guilt trips, screaming, no-holds-barred drama, pie and character assassination, it might reach the same conclusion I came to: there’s love in there somewhere.

Rating: 8.5 out of 9

Guest Blogger from Seattle