WonderCon Day 1

I missed 99.9% of the programming. (-_-) I should have better luck tomorrow.

Having only attended two panels, the highlight of the day was the James Bonding podcast. Full disclosure, I’m not a James Bond fan having only seen two Bond movies, but I am a huge fan of Matt Mira having first seen him host the now defunct Star Dreck at NerdMelt. So, I was drawn to this panel on his “star power” alone.

It was an absolutely delightful event. For the living tape of the podcast, two controversial guest were brought back for the evening: Alie and Georgia. The audience was given a quick recap of the prior events. As non Bond fans, Matt suggested that the watch Goldfinger, which is considered a classic, as their introduction to the franchise. The original podcast can be found here. I guess the Internets were lit up with comments on Alie and Georgia’s view on sexism and racism in Goldfinger.

So after setting the stage Matt, Alie, Georgia and one other guy (whose name I didn’t write down) launched into a discussion of Matt’s favorite Bond Film – Casino Royale (the Daniel Craig one). What followed was a glorious conversation that included Daniel Craig looking like an angry penis and Alie guessing what the end of the movie entailed having only watched the first hour of it. It was just an overall entertaining panel.

Check out James Bonding podcast

For More on Alie and Georgia click here

The only other panel that I went to on Friday was Nobility.

The description of Nobility sounded promising:

“Nobility is a fun sci-fi web series dubbed “The Office meets Firefly.” In this story about humanity’s most powerful starship with a crew that’s anything but noble, follow the misfit crew of the Starship Nobility as they careen through the most dangerous events of the 28th century!” (WonderCon program schedule)

I stayed for half of the panel and learned that a lot of professional people are commitment to make a great sci fi series for the fans on a small budget. By 9:00 PM there were few actual details of the show and when it would be available so I bailed.

Keep an eye out for it if you can Nobility