A Geek Aboard – Brussels

Brussels is a visual feast for geeks traveling. The city planners go out of their way to make art accessible to the everyday person. Statutes from Gaston to the Smurfs are scattered about town. There are two very unusual museums in Brussels that maybe of interest to geek travelers.

The first is the Belgian Comic Strip Center. Before my recent visit to this museum, I had no idea the importance of Belgium to the history of the comic strip. The museum goes back to the very beginning of when humans first use pictures in cave drawings to the modern use of digital images in creating today’s graphic novels. The museum uses an array of tools from story boards to videos to inform the reader on the creative progress.

Belgian Comic Strip Center
Rue des Sables 20, B-1000 Brussels


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At the other end of the spectrum is the Museum of Original Figurines

I stumbled on this museum while riding a hop on/hop off bus through the city. A museum dedicated to figurines, how very intriguing. Instead of preserving the history of a media, MOOF is interested in preserving the iconic images such a Tintin, Smurfs and Blake and Mortimer. You’ll also be able to see different artist takes on classic figurines drawn in different decades.

Brussels is worth a vacation stop because of its dedication to preserving a specific medium.

116 March Aux Herbes
Grasmarkt 1000 Brussels

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