Quick Movie Review – Dark Skies

The less you know walking in, the more you will love it. Based on the movie  poster I assumed that Dark Skies was a horror movie. In the end, I  think that this movie created a whole new genre because it seriously creeped me  out while suggesting a whole new way of looking at the human experience. It’s  just another sunny day in suburbia for the Barrett family until the lights go  out. After a series of disturbing events, Daniel (Josh Hamilton from Outsourced) and Lacy (Keri Russell from Waitress) use  every rationalization in the book to avoid reality. Half of the terror in this  movie is not knowing what’s going on. The other half is finding out what’s going  on yet not knowing what you would do in the same situation. Once the audience is  in the foxhole with the family anticipation just hangs in the air. Crawling  towards the end of this story was like waiting for the last part of an  earthquake – you want the intensity to stop even if that means discovering  more cracks in the sidewalk.

8 out of 9

Guest blogger from Seattle