Cowboys and Aliens

One of the highly anticipated movies of the summer arrived a couple of weeks ago. Instead of a bang it landed with a meh.

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford leads an all-star cast that includes Keith Carradine, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell and Clancy Brown. Daniel Craig is perfectly cast as the amnesic Jake Lonergan who wakes up in the desert with a mysterious band on his wrist. He has no memory of who he is or why he’s there. He learns that he is a wanted criminal. As he tries to solve the mystery of who he is, a group of town folk are kidnap by some mysterious entities. The town bands together to fight the unknown band guys. Along the way the group encounters the typical western folk: Indians and bandits.

Cowboys and Aliens has a cool steampunk look to it. The western style has a very modern feel to it from skinny pants to stylish prairie dresses. The alien technology gets the short shift and we never get a feel for what their tech can do. The aliens look great and are wholly original. Unfortunately, the aliens are not given a personality or an opportunity to communicate their nefarious motivates.

With an impressive list of writers and producers, the plot is surprisingly paper thin. The special effects are great but not enough to hold your attention.

Catch it as a rental

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