Becoming a caregiver for my mother lead to a surprising impact, I feel that I lost myself. I no longer pursue my old passions with the same enthusiasm.

I had so many plans to create and expand my nerd empire. In the last two years, my engagement has drastically fallen off. My blogs go untouched, the podcast was never started. My reading is next to zero.

I’m constantly thinking about how to improve my mother’s quality of life while the quality of my life has fallen off. I’m just torn in taking the best care for my mother and providing the best self care.

How do I find that balance. How do I rediscover myself before I wake up and find myself to be a middle age woman.

Octavia E. Butler


Tomorrow on what would have been Octavia Butler’s 70th birthday, The Huntington Library is hosting the Octavia E. Butler Studies: Convergence of an Expanding Field.  In honor of the conference.  Here is a link to fascinating factoids about Ms. Butler:


I love B sci fi movies and I love the fact that a terrible movie help inspired a notable career.

“At 12, Butler saw Devil Girl from Mars (1954) on TV, a movie about a Martian woman sent to Earth to capture human males and replenish her own planet’s dwindling male population. Butler knew she could write better sci-fi, and would later say the movie inspired her first forays into fiction”

For information on the conference here


Have I become numb to violence? I’m not sure. Maybe numb isn’t the right word. Normally, when we [the United States] have another mass shooting, I hop on board of the “let’s review of gun control laws” train. But not this time. There is something fundamentally wrong in our society. We, as a whole, do not know how to process feelings; how to deal with opposing views, etc. There is a blasé attitude that we have about violence and that’s frightening.

Where is all of this anger coming from? As a society, we have to decide what we value and see if the ideals we hold up are leading to this uptick in violence. Do we admire superficial and meaningless traits? It seems that we fall apart when we as individuals don’t reach this achieve this meaningless goals?

My thoughts are unfocused but I needed to jot down some random notions.

Captain America: Civil War 

First thoughts: I absolutely loved it. The Captain America movies continue to raise the bar for all Marvel — nay all Superhero movies. Civil War has an allstar cast, a tight plot and great action sequences. The Russo brothers did it again! Civil War is everything that Age of Ultron wanted to be and much much more.  Full review will be posted at GeeksAtTheMovies.com 

Nerd thoughts 

April has been a month of finding inspiration in unexpected places. First, Beyonce dropped Lemonade. I’ve never given Beyonce much notice until now but her last few songs have been interesting. Her growth has an artist as resonated with me as I grow as a person. Having your own agency and discovering your own strength and power is a timeless message. Second, Patty Smith. Patty! Patty. Patty. You are a relevation. Yesterday, your discussion/performance piece about Robert Maplethoroe was everything. Your message about the work being the thing that mattered struck a cord with me. One never knows how one’s work will be perceived or received but that should distract from you as an individual putting in the work in whatever medium you’re working in.  I can wait to see what messages that May has in store for me. 

Nerd Thoughts

Between graduate school and work, I have less and less time for my nerd activities. But I’m craving out time to go to the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend and WonderCon next month. In order to be my authentic self, I need to reveal in nerd activities on a regular basis. 

NERD ALERT – Rebel, Jedi, Princess, Queen: Star Wars and the Power of Costumes

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle’s EMP Museum has an awesome new exhibit: costumes from the Star Wars films.

‘Star Wars’ Exhibit Shows The Force Is With The Costumes


SEATTLE (AP) — The creators of a new traveling exhibit on the costumes of Star Wars are hoping to gather geeks, fashionistas and movie fans together to discuss how clothing helps set the scene.

But mostly, the exhibit that opened this past weekend at Seattle’s EMP Museum is an opportunity to see 60 original costumes from the six Star Wars movies in one room — from Princess Leia’s slave bikini to Queen Amidala’s wedding dress, which has not been part of any previous public display. Continue Here

For more information: Seattle EMP Museum

May the Force Be With You.