Octavia E. Butler


Tomorrow on what would have been Octavia Butler’s 70th birthday, The Huntington Library is hosting the Octavia E. Butler Studies: Convergence of an Expanding Field.  In honor of the conference.  Here is a link to fascinating factoids about Ms. Butler:


I love B sci fi movies and I love the fact that a terrible movie help inspired a notable career.

“At 12, Butler saw Devil Girl from Mars (1954) on TV, a movie about a Martian woman sent to Earth to capture human males and replenish her own planet’s dwindling male population. Butler knew she could write better sci-fi, and would later say the movie inspired her first forays into fiction”

For information on the conference here

The title says it all



Why Hasn’t Octavia Butler’s Work Been Adapted

In a town that loves adaptations, it’s a shame that no one has embraced the fascinating stories told by one of our nation’s unique writers: Octavia Butler.  As a fan of both Octavia Butler and Sci Fi, I would love to see the disturbing tale of Fledgling brought to the big screen.  An original vampire tale regarding Shori, a 53 years old vampire who looks 10.  With the success of the Twilight series, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, it’s surprising that no one in Hollywood willing to take a change an bring this character to life.

I would love to see a character who looks just like me moving through time and space.  There is still some trepidation in Hollywood to feature a sci-fi movie featuring a person of color, who is not Will Smith? Can’t you imagine Tarji P. Henson or Thandie Newton starting in Kindred – the time traveling tale dealing with slavery and familial connections.

Tyler Perry has the means and resources, namely his own studio, to take a chance a tackle one of Ms. Butler’s complex.  There is an audience for this material.  Racialicous has started a book club devoted to her works Octavia Butler Book Club. To quote Field of Dreams “Build it and they will come.”