Limitless – oh really

A struggling writer discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him the ability to access and utilize 100% of his brain function. After running into an old friend, Eddie Morra pops an unknown pill which gives him a clarity and focus that he has never experienced before. In a short span of time, Eddie completes a novel and starts a new career as a stock broker in order to finance the lifestyle of his dreams.

The basic premise of Limitless is that humans are only able to access 20% of their brain functions, a common misconception.  A minor flaw of the movie is that the origins of the drug is never discussed.  We hear about the after effects but nothing about the creators of this drug.

Supposedly, Eddie experiences mental abilities that no one imagine.  His first instinct is to make money to do whatever he wants.  I don’t buy into this theory.  His intellect, his reasoning, and creativity is enhanced and he wrote a book an unusually short time frame.  His only thought was to become a stock broker.  Why not push technology to its limit and create a fabulous new machine, cure cancer, built a space craft and fly to the stars. Anything but become a drone broker.

Lazy writing at its finest.  The writers are given free rein to come up with their own concept of  what the brain is capable of doing. And they come up with nothing. 

So, if I had the ability described in Limitless, the first thing I would do would be to compose the greatest symphony ever heard. And on the second day, I would figure how warp drive and start exploring the universe.  I can guarantee that I would not show up to an office job. 

What would you do?

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