With Great Joy, Comes Great Sorrow

 Clearing space for the shuttle

 By Angel Jennings, Los Angeles Times

September 3, 2012, 5:12 p.m.

Space shuttle Endeavour’s final 12-mile journey through the streets of South Los Angeles already promises to be a meticulously planned spectacle: a two-day parade, an overnight slumber party in Inglewood and enough hoopla to create a giant traffic mess.

But for some residents in South L.A., the excitement of the shuttle rumbling through their neighborhoods quickly faded when they learned that 400 trees will be chopped down to make room for the behemoth.

The California Science Center — Endeavour’s final home — has agreed to replant twice as many trees along the route from the shuttle’s docking place at Los Angeles International Airport to Exposition Park

I am thrilled that we are getting a space shuttle here in LA but it is coming at a high price to our environment.  I wish the trees could be moved somewhere else instead of just being cut down.

Continued here: LA TIMES

For more information on the pending arrival of the Endeavour, visit California Science Center Space Shuttle Page

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