A new discovery – Cooperwire

I love twitter because you know what you’ll discover.  I ran across the following tweet:

“If you haven’t heard –> Ethiopian-American science fiction hip-hop album: Cooperwire’s Earthbound” via @Nnedi

How tantalizing does that sound.

Here is bit of their story to peak your interest

“The story started here. In the spacecraft stolen from our planet. When there is a will there is a way. Ask Professor Askala Bilaq a.k.a. Scholar Black, for it was his idea to steal the spacecraft. “You can’t get anywhere without a vehicle,” he once told a friend outside a music shop. If you encounter him, do not look him in the eye. It is not clear what will set him off. The choice of destination was Getazia’s. “I have my reasons,” was all he said to Scholar Black outside an oxygen shop not long before they stole the CopperWire spacecraft. Reports describe Getazia as “one with many faces”. And it was Ko Ai who hacked into CopperWire’s mainframe and reprogrammed it to fly to the planet earth. All recordings of anything she’s publicly spoken have been mysteriously deleted from inter-planetary government files.”

To learn more about Cooperwire click here

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