Why I Refuse to See Ender’s Game

As a huge sci fi fan, it would be safe to assume that I go and see Ender’s Game. But I refuse to do so. The first time I’ve heard about the series is when I started my Sci Fi reading challenge. It was among the books on NPR’s Top 100 Sci Fi novels. When I read the list, I realized that I only read a fraction on the books. I wanted to read them all to expand my knowledge of science fiction.

This year, Ender’s Game appeared on the horizon as Summit and Lionsgate began to market their film in anticipation of today’s release date. As I heard more and more about the film, I learned more and more about its controversial author. His homophobia is too much for me to ignore. I don’t support censorship so he is free to share his hateful thoughts but I do believe in the power of money. I’ve read that he isn’t getting any money directly from the movie because it was made under a decades old deal. HOWEVER, the sales of his books have increased due to the interest in the movie. I refuse to indirectly enrich the author. If this movie dies a quick death then it’s author can slide back under whatever rock he crawled out of and plans for its sequel can be shelved. The filmmakers need to except responsibility for their actions as well. Some on the production team have feigned ignorance of the author’s views. But isn’t it your responsibility to know what you are doing with your own money? Having learned of the author’s background, I’m empowered to make the decision to spend my money elsewhere. I hope that today’s movie goer will make an informed decision whether or not to see this film.

For more on this topic please see this Mother Jone’s article. Here

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