Horror Noir – Hemlock Grove


Hemlock Grove based on the novel by Brian McGreevy has its season two debut on July 11th on Netflix. In anticipation of the new season, the cast sat down for a Q&A at the Arclight theater in Hollywood.

Here’s what we can expect from the new season:

The episode order is down to 10 from 13. For those who binge watch, that must be a good thing!

The bromance of Roman between Peter is still on shaky ground.

“Dreams are very important this season.”

For Dr Pierce the work is the most important thing. He will pursue whatever alliance necessary to achieve his endgame.

Olivia is in a very different place this year and her wardrobe will reflect this. Instead of the all white in like in season one, Olivia will wear a lot of earth colors. Sounds like we will see a more vulnerable person this season.

Just over an hour to the new season. Enjoy!

Quick Review – Intelligence

I have seen three of the first four episode of the new CBS show Intelligence. I want to like it, but I don’t. There is no one in the cast that I can identity with. The show revolves around Gabriel a super secret agent with a computer in his brain, Riley his babysitter/bodyguard, and his handlers in a super secret spy sector of the government. Gabriel is such an unlikeable character. With a computer chip in his brain, he can access any computer, camera, phone any wireless device imageable and like the douche he is, he abuses it constantly. I’m not sure if its the way the character is written or if its just an innate characteristic of the actor, Josh Holloway. I’ve never seen him in anything else, he just rubs me the wrong way. A great cast can make up for weak writing. But when both elements are mediocre it’s going to make for a long season.

TV Addicted? – What to Watch This Fall

Almost Human

“In a not-so-distant future, human cops and androids partner up to protect and serve.”

Karl Human and Michael Ealy! With the addition of Lili Taylor, Almost Human is headed by a great cast. The creator, J.H. Wyman has great credentials (Fringe) and am excepting great things from this show.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

“A diverse group of detectives at the very edge of New York City.”

I’ll watching anything with Andre Braugher.

Tomorrow People

“The story of several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers, including the ability to teleport and communicate with each other telepathically.”

Tomorrow people based on a 40 year old British show. Mmm, I am on the fence with this one. The first strike, It’s on CW. The second strike is that source material is so old that it may appear dated.


“Series introduces Dracula as he arrives in London, posing as an American entrepreneur who maintains that he wants to bring modern science to Victorian society. In reality, he hopes to wreak revenge on the people who ruined his life centuries earlier”

Vampires tales never get old especially one geared towards adults. No sparkling vampires here, only Jonathan Rhys Meyers looking dandy as an American Vampire in London. Series produced in conjunction with the BBC so at the very least it should look sumptuous.

There is a whole host of new shows coming slated for the coming months and although TV has under gone a renaissance in the last few years, not a lot of shows are exciting this season.

**Summaries taken from IMDB.com**

The Return of Fringe

(Spoiler alert)

Last night saw the return of Fringe for its fifth and final season.  On first impressions it’s going out with a whimper instead of a bang.  When we last saw our intrepid Fringe team they were battling David Robert Jones and trying to prevent the destruction of two universes ours and the alternate one.  The big reveal was that William Bell was the mastermind behind the drive to create a new world populated with new species.

Instead of picking up the thread of this plot,Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 throws us once again thrown into the future, 2036 to be exact. This dystopia world is controlled by the Observers and a small band of rebels are fighting for their freedom.  Olivia, Peter, Walter and Astrid have been encased in amber for decades and are now freed and helping the resistance movement in its fight. For unknown reasons, the Observers are destroying our world (paving over the earth and polluting the sky) and keeping the population under tight control.


This isn’t the show that I know and love it. One of the central elements of the first four seasons relates to science and morality. The tale of Walter, played by the always effective John Noble, has been a major the key piece of this lesson.  His love for his son Peter coupled with his intelligence and scientific curiosity brought two universes to the brink of war. The experiments of both Walter and Walternate and the repercussions on their lives, their loved ones and even strangers have been fascinating to watch.  We see both sides finally come to an understanding and work together to save themselves only to see the story jettison for a war out of no where.

Science Fiction fans are known for fanaticism and their adherence to cannon and the Sci Fi Maven is no exception.  Since its inception, the Observers have always been portrayed as a group that watches important events in history and limit their interaction with any given timeline.  We seen a few instances where September and August have broken protocol for their own motives whether it is to clean up a mistake they have made or to change a course of history out of love.  The other Observers have frown upon them stepping outside of traditional behavior.  Now, not only do we have a group of Observers who seek power and control but are willing to torture to get the ends that they seek. Maybe there is an interesting resolution to this story but it isn’t why I tune in every week.

I hope that TPTB do not waste the last few precious episodes on this storyline.

Highlights of the Fall 2011 Schedule

TV is the place to find exciting/adventurous Science Fiction.  The following are the highlights of the new fall season


Doctor Who

Where: BCC America

When: August 27


Dark Matters: Twisted But True

Where: Science Channel

When: August 31


Star Wars: Clone Wars

Where: Cartoon Network

When: September 16


Person of Interest

Where: CBS

When September 22



Where: FOX

When: September 23


Where: CW

When: September 23


Terra Nova

Where: FOX

When: September 26


Walking Dead:

Where: AMC

When: October 16



Where: NBC

When: October 21


Once Upon a Time

Where: ABC

When: October 23