Quick Review – Intelligence

I have seen three of the first four episode of the new CBS show Intelligence. I want to like it, but I don’t. There is no one in the cast that I can identity with. The show revolves around Gabriel a super secret agent with a computer in his brain, Riley his babysitter/bodyguard, and his handlers in a super secret spy sector of the government. Gabriel is such an unlikeable character. With a computer chip in his brain, he can access any computer, camera, phone any wireless device imageable and like the douche he is, he abuses it constantly. I’m not sure if its the way the character is written or if its just an innate characteristic of the actor, Josh Holloway. I’ve never seen him in anything else, he just rubs me the wrong way. A great cast can make up for weak writing. But when both elements are mediocre it’s going to make for a long season.